Gerhard Hölzemann TransportS

Master business - family business - sole proprietorship

As an enthusiast of trucks and freight transport in my early childhood, I consequently completed an apprenticeship as a professional driver. Later I trained to become an industrial foreman / motor transport and worked as a training manager and fleet manager.


The company was founded in 2008. I initially worked as a freelance lecturer for road freight transport, later as a service provider in the transport industry and in the construction of bridge railings, and led a temporary employment agency to transfer drivers to other companies.


The excitement and joy of organizing and carrying out goods transportation has remained over the years and the company has become a transport company and freight forwarder.

Berufskraftfahrer und Industriemeister/Krafverkehr Gerhard Hölzemann aus Rehe im Westerwald

As in the beginning, we are a sole proprietorship. This reflects among other things our concept of responsibility. We are fully responsible for our actions, under my good name. Our team is very experienced, we perceive problems as a challenge with a sporting spirit and are happy to provide our customers with all our skills.


We have high quality standards and:

We like to do what we do.


Yours Gerhard Hölzemann

Our concern: we train professional drivers

As a registered training company, we would like to pass on our experience and values.

Training as a professional driver is possible in our company, also for young applicants.

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